Revive tired hands and feet with our manicure and pedicure services. Our licensed nail technicians will massage, buff and polish you to perfection.


Champagne and Rose Pedicure

A delicious fragrant treatment inspired by the fruit of the vine. Our Champagne and Rose Pedicure uses grape-derived enzymes along with fruit acids designed to gently exfoliate and hydrate the skin. This pedicure features all of the treatments from the spa pedicure plus a rose petal bath soak. You will be completely relaxed after enjoying a Shea Butter foot and hand massage. The experience ends with a refreshing glass of champagne.

  • 60 minutes / $70
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Herbal Stone Pedicure

Relax and enjoy this spectacular warming and nourishing pedicure. Citrus fruit oil is gently massaged over your legs and feet. Then, Chinese herbs are sprinkled on and massaged to gently exfoliate. The herbs will melt away when an emollient tangerine lotion is applied. Your legs and feet will be warmed to the smooth touch of our basalt aromatherapy stones. This is the ultimate pedicure experience.

  • 50 minutes / $65
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Luxury Pedicure

Enjoy a warm, aromatherapy Jacuzzi soak and exfoliation. When your skin is rejuvenated and revitalized, we continue with the nail shaping, cuticle care, and buffing. Next, a seasonal scented mask of your choice is applied. While the mask hydrates and soothes your skin, enjoy a relaxing hand massage. After removing the mask, a soufflé body cream is applied. Finishing the treatment with a glass of champagne and a polish of your choice.

  • 60 minutes / $70
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Spa Pedicure

This complete pampering experience leaves you in ecstasy. Start with a gentle sea salt glow massage, bask in the nourishment of the peppermint foot mask, and finish with a therapeutic paraffin foot dip.

  • 50 minutes / $55
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Signature Pedicure

This gentle sea salt glow massage will hydrate and exfoliate. You will love the aromatherapy of this treatment.

  • 35 minutes / $45
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Additional Pedicure Services

  • Men’s Sports and Grooming Pedicure: $30
  • Child Pedicure (12 and under): $20
  • Buff and Polish: $17
  • Polish Change: $15
  • French Polish Change: $17
  • French Polish: $7
  • Moisturizing Heel Treatment: $7
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Herbology Stone Manicure

This specialty experience begins with a citrus fruit oil massage over your hands and arms. Next, Chinese herbs are sprinkled on to gently exfoliate. The herbs will melt away when citrus lotion is applied. Finish with warm, smooth stones that will deeply massage overworked muscles.

  • 45 minutes / $50
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Spa Manicure

This is the manicure that does it all! This refreshing experience will leave your hands and arms in top condition. A hydrating and exfoliating two-step citrus glow is followed by a peppermint mask up to the elbow. The warm, steamed aromatic towels will leave you in a state of complete tranquility.

  • 45 minutes / $40
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Signature Manicure

Enjoy a hydrating and exfoliating treatment using citrus aromatherapy. Our aromatic steamed towels will make your tension melt away.

  • 35 minutes / $30
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Classic Manicure

Your nails will be picture-perfect and healthy after this beautiful express manicure.

  • 20 minutes / $25
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