Spring Cleaning for your Makeup Bag

28 Mar, 2017

Do your spring cleaning efforts include your makeup bag and vanity? If not, you should reconsider! Expired cosmetics can cause infections and skin irritations. While most makeup does not include an expiration date on the packaging, there a...

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Beauty Resolutions for Amazing Skin

31 Dec, 2016

Beauty resolutions are the best kind of resolutions, because you’re guaranteed to instantly look and feel better. Our skin specialists share their top beauty resolutions for amazing skin in the new year:

5 Ways to Stay Healthful and Rejuvenated this Holiday Season

26 Nov, 2016

The holidays can be one of the most stressful times of the year. Between the busy days, gift buying, parties, events, and family gatherings, you may find yourself not only stressed but run-down and feeling unhealthy. Do not fret, we have 5 sure-fire ...

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